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Online auctions

  • Securing of machines, vehicles or any other movable assets, with complete insurance coverage on our 8.400 square metre storage facility comprising a liquidation unit and auction hall, up until the time of auction or sale.
  • Exchanging locks and organising security services for endangered objects.
  • Preparation of goods and assets for aution/sales presentation.
  • Announcements of the auction in all relevant trade publications, on our home page and through mailing campaigns to customers from our considerable customer database.
  • Leading the viewings, or with larger objects also the previewing procedures for interested clientele.
  • Running the auction.
  • debt collection for the seller, employing an escrow account if so desired.
  • prompt invoicing: funds are passed on as soon as the account has been credited with them.
  • supervision and attendance for the collection of the auctioned assets.

Clearance and marketing of permanent establishments

  • thorough clearance and gutting of property.
  • Detailed compilation of all movables, listed in the assessment in the order required for financial statements, with extensive photographic documentation.
  • real estate marketing.
  • Evaluation and marketing of real estate.
  • Evaluation of capital assets, with liquidation and continuation aspects taken into consideration.
  • Complete list of all liquid assets.
  • Evaluation of liquid assets, with liquidation and continuation aspects taken into consideration.
  • Execution of selective rejections following due consideration by the customer.
  • Decision on outside financing: checking leasing, hire-purchase and loan agreements with their corresponding surrender values.
  • Redemption of leasing, hire-purchase and loan agreements.
  • Assessments are provided as paper version and also in a format ready for use within Winsolvenz.
  • Execution of public sales and online auctions.
  • Corporate sales (whole or partial).
  • Seizures and clearances.
  • File storage in compliance with statutory obligation to preserve records.
  • File destruction in compliance with federal data privacy protection act.